Want to get the dream job, but do not
have the necessary skills?

Create your Learning Competence Portfolio based on your specific industry, nature of work and hierarchy of position

Difficulty in identifying learning needs;
Try unique assessment tool.

Assess yourself by the people who know you best, before taking that big leap into learning.

Do not know whom to approach
for training ?

You can apply for programs/certifications in the subject of your interest, by viewing the latest happenings in your area of work.

We help to bridge your learning gap.

You get to view programs based on your specific skill set, without searching for the same.

Get guided through Coach/Mentor

Access to the best of Coaches who can give career defining inputs.

Want to enhance your skills
at your own pace

Self Learning Option gives the individual an avenue, to improve their skills at their own pace. We only suggest the options available in order to make it a reality

Always wanted to fine-tune your hobbies?

We list groups of activities in various areas like photography, performing arts, dance etc. for you to pursue.

Identify the right method of learning

To choose the right method of learning is half the battle won. We provide 3 methods of learning: programs, coaching and self learning options.

Unique gift for your friend;
recommend a program

Suggest programs to your close aides if the program helps improve their attributes.

Top Programs
  • Selling Skills by Dilip Desai
    The program will consist of consumer behavior, qualifying customer ( Funnel),uncovering buying need and satisfying those needs through product benefits, concepts of feature and benefits,closing techniques...
  • Corporate Etiquettes and Grooming by Abhilasha Razdhal
    A 5-day workshop designed to teach participates to apply the unique tool of image to enhance their own as well as the company's image and branding.
  • Service Culture Workshops by Zenoria Sequira
    This workshop includes an interdepartmental ( if applicable) interactive learning experience with active learning tools and activity based learning. It targets all levels of staff from top most manage...
  • Manager as a Coach by Mrunal Lamge
    The program results in managers becoming sensitized to their current way of being i.e. Being a solution provider to their team–mates- to- being a facilitator in finding their own solutions. It results in new...
  • Leadership Coaching by Sunita Sodha Kanga
    Coaching is leading. Once you have the tools, you will find it is the most powerful form of leadership you can practice.


Here is a platform where an individual irrespective of age & profession can learn and grow.MyLearningLeap intends to inculcate a learning habit in people to unleash their potential.

  • Easy and Fast
  • View apply to maximum programs
  • Get abreast with the latest in your field
  • Know and analyze your skills
  • Speak with the mentors
  • Secure Online Payment
Individual Speak
I got to apply to programs related to my industry, by creating my comptence portfolio
- Hithen Parekh
Expert Speak
It is one of a kind website helping bridge the gap between us and the learners
- Zuvi Mascaranhus.


  • Identify your learning gap using 360° assessment.


  • Bridge the learning gap
  • Select right mode of learning
  • Training Programs/Coaching/Self Learning Option
  • Identify the right Trainer / Coach.
  • Apply to latest programs.
  • Get personal coach/mentor


  • Leverage the learning to seize the right opportunity / growth.


  • Identify your human resource concern


  • MyLeaningLeap helps you address your human resource concerns
  • Get access to the best Trainers/Coaches


  • Evolve to channelize resources in strategy making


  • Release your program / event/ certifications/ workshops/ seminars to a wider audience.
  • Get access to pool of untapped target group for your program


  • Connect directly to the right pool of learners


  • Grow your business by conquering the operational hassles


  • Release your work portfolio to the relevant target market


  • Get connected to widen your reach


  • Evolve your business by optimizing your resources
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